HealthtalkDaily.com is a health information and supplement review site founded in 2019.

Dietary supplements are a big business in the US and abroad. In fact, in 2018 the global supplement market was valued at over $115 billion (USD), and it’s only expected to grow!

With so many people buying and selling dietary supplements every day, consumers need an easy way to sort-out the good from the bad. Online reviews are one of the best ways to find-out which supplements work and which are little more than a glorified multivitamin. Unfortunately, they’re not always reliable.

That’s why we set-out to research popular online weight loss supplements and compare them. We look at everything from ingredients to customer reviews to price, and then rank our favorites. The products we investigate are separated into two categories: appetite suppressants and fat burners.

Dr. Bryan Gould

Lead Writer & Researcher

Dr. Gould has dedicated his life to looking for ways to prevent – instead of just treat – disease. He practices family medicine during the day and researches supplements for HealthtalkDaily after work.

Dr. Tracy Rosecrans

Scientific Consultant

Dr. Rosecrans has her PhD in nutritional biochemistry and serves as the main scientific consultant for HealthtalkDaily. She works as a food chemistry researcher when she’s not writing or reviewing articles.

Ashley Howard

Content Manager

Ashley is a holistic health practitioner and nutritionist. She owns a private online consulting business and shares her talent with HealthtalkDaily to help spread the message about healthy living.

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