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5 Star Fat Burner is a thermogenic fat burner. It relies on two clinically-proven key ingredients and five powerful supporting ingredients to promote weight loss and support fat-burning. The capsules are manufactured and distributed in the USA, and sold online on Phen.com.

Clinically-proven main ingredients & 100% caffeine-free!

5 Star Fat Burner Testimonials

This premium-quality fat burner puts your goals within reach.

Over 30,000 people have ordered and loved Phen.com supplements, according to the site’s homepage. The testimonials page is filled with glowing reviews in the form of videos, pictures and stories from current and former users. Here are two happy customers’ reviews:


Amy Phen Caps testimonial

I had more energy and 5 Star Fat Burner helps me not feel so bloated during my day to day. Never give up, this is a life long journey and some days or months you have set back, but each day start fresh.


Chrissy Phen Caps testimonial

I take 5 Star Fat Burner and it helps me so much during my workouts! I can go faster on the elliptical and lift more weight at the gym. The ultimate goal is to be healthy, but the perks of losing weight are pretty awesome as well! I accomplished being the bride I always wished to be. I felt absolutely perfect on my wedding day!

Real Ingredients, Real Results

5 Star Fat Burner is expertly formulated to harness the power of clinically-proven key ingredients, while also making use of five powerful supporting ingredients to maximize results.

5 Star Fat Burner Ingredients

The main ingredients are:

  • Capsimax® (hot pepper extract)
  • GreenSelect® Phytosome® (green tea extract)

Capsimax® provides thermogenic fat burning power. The hot pepper extract boosts metabolism to has been proven to increase calorie burn at rest by more than 5%.

At the same time, GreenSelect® Phytosome® maximizes fat burn. In a controlled clinical trial, subjects who took green tea phytosome lost more weight and inches than their counterparts who took placebos.

5 Star Fat Burner also contains raspberry ketones, pomegranate seed extract, chromium, oligofructose and 5-HTP. These supporting ingredients suppress appetite, boost weight loss, act as antioxidants and support a healthy metabolism.

To achieve maximum results, 5 Star Fat Burner should be taken twice per day – once with breakfast and once with dinner – and used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.

5 Star Fat Burner: Reviewed



The biggest advantage of 5 Star Fat Burner is its clinically-proven, trademarked main ingredients. The inclusion of Capsimax® and GreenSelect® Phytosome® put this fat burner a step above the rest. With scientific studies supporting the power of these key ingredients, you can be confident that you’re ordering something effective.

Plus, 5 Star Fat Burner is 100% caffeine-free. Rely on this supplement’s fat-burning power all day and night without any caffeine or other stimulants to threaten your nightly slumber.

If you have concerns about quality, take comfort in the fact that 5 Star Fat Burner is sourced and made in the USA using only top-quality ingredients.

Finally, Phen.com offers a generous 100% satisfaction guarantee on all its supplements. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply contact customer support within 30 days of purchase to request an address label and send the product back for a refund!

The only major drawback of 5 Star Fat Burner is that it is sold exclusively online at Phen.com. This means you cannot walk into your local Walmart or supplement store today and grab a bottle. On the bright side, Phen.com offers free shipping on all domestic orders and 5 Star Fat Burner arrives in about 2-5 business days. The customer service agents are helpful and quick to respond.

More Weight Loss for Less

5 Star Fat Burner is an affordable and effective option. One bottle, a one-month supply, costs just $29.95 – less than one dollar per day! With free shipping on all US orders and a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee, it’s easy to feel confident in your purchase.

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