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Trimtone is a natural fat burner designed for women. The capsules encourage the body to burn more fat and calories, reduce the appetite, and boost metabolism to help women achieve their body goals faster. Trimtone is sold by Swiss Research Labs (United Kingdom).

Trimtone is specifically formulated for women.

Product Details

Trimtone is made with five natural ingredients; caffeine, green coffee, green tea, glucomannan, and grains of paradise.

120mg of caffeine is contained within each capsule. Caffeine increases thermogenesis, the process by which energy is utilized within the body. Thermogenesis burns calories and promotes the breakdown of fat cells. Moreover, as a stimulant, caffeine boosts performance to make workouts more effective. To further increase thermogenesis, grains of paradise are also included in the capsule.

Green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, which reduces the amount of fat and sugar absorbed from the ingested food. Additionally, green tea is included to increase metabolism. It also induces the breakdown of body fat.

Glucomannan is another natural ingredient in Trimtone. This dietary fiber expands in the stomach to give a feeling of fullness that lasts. Glucomannan combats the risks of overeating and snacking.

Trimtone also contains the following inactive ingredients: gelatin, magnesium stearate, and silica.

Trimtone is easy to take; just one capsule before breakfast each day is all that’s needed. The pill should be taken with water.

Trimtone: Reviewed

Trimtone fat burner pills have several benefits for women, including burning body fat round-the-clock and curbing cravings. Here we look at Trimtone’s strengths and weaknesses to see how it compares to its competitors.



Let’s start with the most significant advantage: Trimtone contains only natural ingredients. These ingredients promote fat burning, weight loss, and improve exercise performance without causing any side effects. A generous 100-day money-back guarantee backs this promise.

Another pro is the company’s free shipping policy that applies to all orders.

Unfortunately, Trimtone also comes with some drawbacks.

Despite the natural ingredients, some users may find that the 120mg of caffeine in each dose leaves them feeling nervous, irritable, or having difficulty resting or sleeping.

In addition, the capsules come at a relatively high cost, and the money-back guarantee is only valid on unopened bottles. If a user does not like the pills, they will be unable to request a refund on their first, open bottle.

Sadly, the capsules are unsuitable for vegetarian and vegan customers, due to the presence of gelatin in the capsule itself.

How Much Does Trimtone Cost?

One month’s supply (30 capsules) is contained within each bottle. One bottle costs $49.95. This is a relatively high price for a 30-day supply, especially as noticeable results, will not be seen for a few weeks.

Final Recommendation

Unfortunately, Trimtone did not reach the top of Healthtalk Daily’s list of best fat burner supplements this year. Instead, we recommend 5 Star Fat Burner for 24-hour fat burning. 5 Star Fat Burner does not contain caffeine, and therefore will not cause irritability or restlessness. 5 Star Fat Burner capsules contain 100% natural ingredients with proven weight loss results in clinical trials. Crucially, these capsules are suitable for vegetarians.

Top Rated Fat Burner of 2021: 5 Star Fat Burner

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5 Star Fat Burner is a powerful, stimulant-free fat burner formulated with clinically-proven key ingredients. It is sold online at 5 Star Fat Burner is formulated and made in the USA.

Capsimax®, a hot pepper extract, acts as a thermogenic fat burner to boost metabolism. Meanwhile, GreenSelect® Phytosome®, a caffeine-free green tea extract, liberates fat from stubborn cells to help users lose more inches, faster. In combination with five powerful supporting ingredients, these clinically-proven key ingredients maximize fat burning power throughout the entire day and night.

Still, the Healthtalk Daily team understands that every body is different. Another reason we feel so confident recommending 5 Star Fat Burner is the manufacturer’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason 5 Star Fat Burner doesn’t work for you, simply contact customer support within 30 days of purchase to return your order for a full refund!

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