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Lean-XT is a weight loss supplement geared towards both men and women. It comes in capsule form and supports weight loss efforts by promoting thermogenesis and reducing cravings. More, the creators of Lean-XT claim that their product helps preserve muscle instead of destroying muscle mass during the fat-burning process.

This natural supplement is manufactured by Jacked Factory. According to their website, all of their formulas have been developed based on scientific research. Lean-XT is made in the United States.

Mild stimulant-free appetite suppressant that causes gassiness & bloating.

Product Details

Lean-XT includes amino acids and botanical extracts, as well as additional ingredients that make key ingredients more bioavailable.

The main ingredients of Lean-XT are:

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL
  • Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract/Forskolin
  • Green Tea Extract
  • BioPerine® Black Pepper Fruit Extract

Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL helps the body produce energy, and is also important for heart, brain and muscle function. Some research indicates it may also help reduce tiredness after exercise. 

Coleus forskohlii root extract (forskolin) is purported to boost metabolism and fights cravings. However, weight loss is a relatively new application for this plant extract that it is more traditionally known for treating asthma and improving heart health. 

Green tea extract supports weight loss by providing natural energy and increasing metabolic rate. 

BioPerine®, a black pepper fruit extract, helps increase bioavailability of other ingredients.

The recommended dosage of Lean-XT is two capsules 1-2 times a day, half an hour before eating. The bottle suggests combining Lean-XT with Burn-XT (another one of Jacked Factory’s supplements) to achieve the best results.

Lean-XT: Reviewed

Lean-XT is a popular weight loss supplement due its relative affordability and easy availability online, but it is did not rank as highly as other appetite suppressants in our recent review. Here are some of the main benefits and downsides of Lean-XT:



Lean-XT is a stimulant-free formula. It includes green tea extract, which does contain some caffeine and acts as a natural stimulant, but it does not have any artificial stimulants. As advertised, Lean XT successfully suppresses appetite in most users.

Unfortunately, this supplement also has some notable downsides. First, according to user reviews, very few people lose more than 10 pounds with Lean-XT – no matter how long they take it. As a result, it is not an effective option if you have more than a little weight to lose. Many customers also report gastrointestinal side effects like feeling gassy or bloated, especially during the first few days of taking this product.

Finally, Lean-XT is designed to be taken as part of a Jacked Factory’s three-product stack. As a result, taking this supplement alone may not produce the desired results.

How Much Does Lean-XT Cost?

Each container of Lean-XT contains 60 capsules and costs $24.99 if you buy directly from the manufacturer’s website. This is a one-month supply, putting this supplement at the more affordable end of the spectrum. Still, any amount of money is too much if, like with Lean-XT, the product doesn’t work. 

Final Recommendation

Despite the recent popularity of Lean-XT, it did not top Healthtalk Daily’s list of best appetite suppressants this year. Instead, we recommend Phen Caps to suppress appetite, boost energy and promote weight loss. Unlike Lean-XTPhen Caps produces consistent, long-term results and does not have any side effects. It is powerful, natural and well-tolerated by users.

Top Rated Appetite Suppressant of 2021: Phen Caps

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99 99%
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Phen Caps is a powerful, reliable weight loss supplement, sold online at It was first introduced in 2013 and has remained an industry leader ever since. Phen Caps is formulated and made in the USA.

These capsules contain nine natural ingredients to suppress appetite, boost energy and promote weight loss. Best of all, however, is the fact that this supplement does not cause any unwanted side effects.

Still, the Healthtalk Daily team understands that every body is different. Another reason we feel so confident recommending Phen Caps is’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason Phen Caps doesn’t work for you, simply contact customer support within 30 days of purchase to return your order for a full refund!

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